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Using candle gel, you can make an infinity of projects, each more beautiful and original than the other. However, for obvious safety reasons, you shouldn't incorporate flammable decorative elements like leaves and dried flowers, cardboard and cloth figurines, paper... This project with spectacular results and extremely easy to make will allow you, in all safety, to use pretty much any kind of decorative elements, whether they are flammable or not. You can now give free rein to your imagination and to your creativity !
Our visitors from Belgium know it: "the more you taste it, the more it suits your taste!" And for our foreign friends, here's a chance to discover one of the prides of Belgium: the beer. And not any kind of beer, since today we're going to make a Kriek Belle-Vue (a light cherry-flavored beer, hence the name). Candle gel is great to mimic the freshness and transparency, sprinkled with bubbles, of beer. And if you didn't know it yet, paraffin wax has the little-known advantage that it can be whipped, just like egg whites, and that it perfectly imitates beer froth. We don't need much more to start this project...