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Tealight candles

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Tealight candles

Tealight candles, despite of or maybe thanks to their small size, are the most popular candles and also the most sold around the world.

Plain little paraffin cylinders in an aluminium shell, they are used for several purposes: multiple tealight candles used as is in a room can create a lighting full of atmosphere; they help keep food warm when used in an appropriate serving dish; candle lovers often use them inside a Hurricane shell or in wax tart and oil burners,...

Produced industrially and sold at ridiculously low prices, it's no wonder that their popularity has grown to a point where tealight candles are used by everyone and for everything!

Shapes and models

Finally a candle that's easy to describe: it is either small or large...
Indeed, tealight candles exist in only two sizes: the most popular, the small one, has a diameter of 4 centimeters (1 1/2 inch) and the not-so-popular (yet), the large one, a diameter of 6 centimeters (2 1/2 inches).

This of course refers to the diameter of the small dish that contains the actual candle. This dish is commonly made of aluminium but is now also available in transparent polycarbonate, a very nice touch when the candles themselves are colored.

Where burn time is concerned, the small version will last between 4 and 6 hours (depending on burning conditions) while the large tealight will burn for approximately 10 hours.

It is perfectly possible to make scented tealight candles but be aware that the relatively small size of the melt pool won't allow for an optimal scent throw, contrary to container and pillar candles. But don't let this discourage you : tealights are so much more enjoyable when they are colored and scented !


If there's one type of candle that won't give you grey hair, let it be the tealight candle !
Because of its invariable size and the extreme simplicity of its wax formulation, successfully making it will become child's play after one or two attempts.

But if the wick used is always the same, there are several ways of making these small candles.

I hear you say: when you know the price they sell for, why waste my time making them myself?

Did you ever had a close look at an industrially made tealight candle? Not very nice, is it? Be assured that the ones you create will be infinitely better-looking and also much nicer to burn...


Tealight candles are also an excellent way to reuse your rests of paraffin.

At the end of a project, if you have some melted paraffin left, it's handy to have a tealights mold or a few tealight cups where you can pour the extra paraffin. After a while, you'll have a nice batch of free little candles in all kinds of colors and scents!

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