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What you MUST have - The notebook

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The notebook

Did you ever wonder how many inventions and fascinating discoveries were definitively lost, since the dawn of civilization was born, because there were no written records of them?

Imagine: you succeed in creating the ideal candle: a perfect color, appearance and scent throw that just can't get any better... and you're incapable of reproducing it because you didn't take any notes of the exact proportion of the ingredients and the pouring and scent blending temperatures. Wouldn't that drive you cuckoo?

Candlemaking is one of those activities where experimentation and the experience that comes from it soon become your best friends. Each and every candle you make will teach you something. But what's the point of repeating the same mistakes over and over again? What makes one candle better than another?

You will only get answers to those questions if you write down conscientiously every step you take.

Write down everything: the proportions used (of paraffin, additives, scent, dye), the color and scent blending and pouring temperatures, how long you have waited before the second pour, how long you let the candle settle and in what conditions (room temperature, ...), etc.
All of these parameters can have an influence on the final result.

Your candles can potentially be very different if you make them in the cellar, the kitchen or the attic.
Winter or summer time, possible differences.
To make a long story short, write down everything and, more important yet, go through your notes often and look for the element (or elements) responsible for a success or a failure.
All these experiences written down in your notebook and consulted on a daily basis will make you a successful and experienced candlemaker!

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