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Candle molds, and especially metal molds, can be expensive to purchase, a fortiori if you want to acquire a selection of different sizes, shapes and diameters. This can certainly be a barrier for a lot of candlemaker, whether they are just starting or not.

But it is not always necessary to empty your wallet and pay the top dollars some suppliers ask. A lot of everyday items can be transformed in candle molds and you can even create some entirely from scratch. Maybe they won't last what a commercial metal mold would, and maybe they won't look like much but they will certainly do the job, which is all we ask for. Here comes a short glimpse of what can be made at home but remember that the only limit here is your imagination (and also maybe your DIY skills).

Many items around us can be used as a candle mold, with or without preparation

What can I use to make a candle mold ?

The choice is almost endless and depends mainly on what you already have around you. Maybe your trade or another hobby of yours made sure you already have items that can be used, as is or not, to make a candle mold.

But even if that's not the case, here are two examples that should get you started.

Cans of Pringles™

Left on the picture above, a simple Pringles can empty and cleaned thoroughly (not with water though, that would ruin it) will allow you to make rather stunning pillar candles. The metal bottom is easy to pierce with a simple punch or even a nail to allow the passage of a wick. As Pringles exist in two sizes, you can even choose the one that suits you best. The only drawback is that you will probably have to tear up the packaging to remove your finished candle but if you like Pringles, it shouldn't be an insuperable problem !

PVC piping

Ah, PVC piping ! There's so much to say about them that they have their own dedicated article in which I explain the easiest way to turn them into candle molds.

Designed to withstand heat, available in a wide range of diameters, (relatively) easy to cut, inexpensive, reusable... What's not to like ? If you don't mind making cylindrical pillar candles only, you may never have to buy a commercial candle mold.


This is only breaking the surface of what is possible. I will add more examples, pictures included, as time goes by.

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