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We have now reviewed the main types of waxes used in the process of making candles.

But the list would not be complete if I didn't talk about some very specific waxes that are used in highly specific cases.

Wax glue

A block of wax glue. You will probably never use it unless you want to give mosaic candles a try...

As the name suggests, wax glue is a very tacky wax that will allow you to glue bits of wax onto wax (you could for example cut out little shapes of colored paraffin wax and glue them onto a pillar candle to create a mosaic candle). Another usage of wax glue is to stick the tab of of a wick to the bottom of a container, although personally I prefer to use a glue gun or glue dots for that.

To apply wax glue to the piece you intend to glue, use a small paintbrush or a wooden stick.

Carving wax

A couple of hand-carved candles (image © House of Candles)

Dip and carve candles are made by repeatedly dipping a pillar candle into pots of different colored carving wax. Slices of the candle surface are then detached with a sharp knife, twisted and reapplied to the candle. The result of this painstaking operation is beautifully colored and shaped candles like the one you can see above.

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