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It's always the same! As soon as the word starts circulating that you're into candlemaking, it doesn't take long before everyone you know (and all their acquaintances) turn up with bags full of pieces and bits of old, burned up candles, usually all different in color and type of wax! It seems that everyone believes that candles can only be made from other candles... But because it's thoroughly well-meant and that it would be a shame to throw away all these candle bits (hello pollution!), this article will try and explain the best way to recycle - and reuse - as much as possible of these small leftovers...
As you may have learned from the article titled special effects waxes, there are specialty waxes that give your candles a special appearance, like for example a marbled effect. Of course, these kinds of specialty waxes are quite expensive and can be hard to find if you're not in the United States... But I will now show you a simple and original technique you can use to make candles with a fantastic marbled look without specialty waxes or any additive other than the good old stearic acid. Focus on this nice and little known technique...
Candles can be much more than just decoration pieces... In this article, we will talk about 3 types of candles that can do more than nicely burn in your living room.Today we will create: a mosquito repellent candle, an anti tobacco candle, and a breathe easy candle (open the airways and facilitates breathing during flu season).
When autumn arrives, mushrooms are all over the place! They come in every shape and color you can think of and are a real source of inspiration for all your candlemaking projects. The mushroom we will create today is your typical gnome home: white and red and utterly decorative!
There's one thing about candlemaking: it's a great hobby but it's clearly oriented towards grownups. Melting wax can be a potentially dangerous process and children should not be allowed to do that on their own. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule and this project is one of them! What makes it so appealing is that it allows for an active collaboration from your little ones: you take care of the preliminary phase (the melting and pouring process), then it's their turn to play and let their creativity do the talking... in all safety. So put on your aprons and let's get started!
Welcome to the amazing and scary town of Halloween! Let's take this opportunity to discover a new technique that will open the door to a world of possibilities: the balloon candle. The idea is simple: dip a balloon filled with cold water in paraffin wax and create a shell that you can use as a container. Once you've got yourself a shell, give it (threatening) eyes and a (grimacing) mouth, wick it and fill it with a Container wax blend.