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During the last twenty years, I have received a huge volume of e-mails (and even the odd postcard!) from members and visitors of the site thanking me for writing and publishing the content on HowtomakeCandles.info. And I am immensely pleased with every single message I get! When I wrote the very first article about candle waxes, I would never have imagined that someone as far away as Alaska, Japan, Nairobi or Christchurch would read it, and enjoy it enough to let me know...

I have been somewhat taken aback when a growing number of people I had never heard of before started asking if I had a Patreon.

A what?

Out of curiosity, I asked Uncle Google who kindly showed me the way to the platform.

After a short ethical crisis (HowtomakeCandles.info has always been entirely free and that will never change), I just decided to give it a go and created a page, given that the question kept popping up.

Please promise me you won't feel like you have to because you don't. But if you decide to give me a thumbs up through Patreon, know that I will be ever so grateful and that all the pledges made will be used wisely to help produce new articles, projects and videos.

So from now on, whenever anyone asks, I can smile, pretend I know every nook and cranny of the Internet and say "Yes ma'am, I do have a Patreon!"

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