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Multicolored floating candles
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Multicolored floating candles
Help! i've been trying to make a holly berry floater candle (green leaf w/red berries in center). I am using a candle flex mold (a type of rubber, i suppose). I have been using a paraffin wax (premium candle wax) purchased at a local craft store. Melt point is high @ 148 degrees. Suggested pour temps are 170-180 plastic molds, 185-190 transparent polycarbonate molds, 200-220 metal molds and 230-250 sand cast molds. Thinking this wax is a typical paraffin, i was pouring between 175-185 degrees into the candle flex mold. I'd warm the mold on a heat plate, pour (slowly) and transfer to a wire rack to cool. Finished candle - pit holes everywhere (i assume air), mottling, sometimes jump lines - VERY UGLY!!!

Think i resolved some of these issue by increasing pour temp to 215-220 degrees and tapping side/top of mold after pouring to release air. Pretty smooth surface with better (brighter) color and only a couple pit holes. Also tried pouring @ lower temp and tapping to release air but ugly appearance at lower temp. THE MAIN PROBLEM i'm having is that i can't pour red wax for the berries and then pour green for the leaf cause i have to keep the green pour temp so high in order to get a decent finished appearance, and the RED BERRIES MELT!!! I've all but given up on this 2 color mold!!! I know it can be done though - there is a site that sells lots of beautiful multicolored floaters and they are made entirely of wax - NOT PAINTED. Actually, i tried using candle paint, but it didn't burn clean (wick is in middle of red berries) and looks junky when burning. And am thinking that that paint probably shouldn't be burned anyway - think it's for decoration only. I even went so far as to spray with candle Hi Gloss and dab a touch of super fine red glitter on the berries. Not a horrible appearance at first but looked junky burning also and probably shouldn't burn glitter either! Oh, i also added vybar 103 at all pour temperatures.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions or tips anyone may know of.

Thank you!
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