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Brexit: not good news for European candle makers...

Here we go again! Less than a month after I rewrote the article where I was wondering whether §§1002|ordering supplies from the United States§§ was a clever thing to do or not, here I am writing an almost similar piece about the United Kingdom.

Brexit is a fact since december the thirty-first at midnight and the consequences thereof can already be felt, on the Island and in continental Europe alike.

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Importing candlemaking supplies from the United States: a good idea?

Back in 2001, I wrote an article on the same topic. In that time, the United States were the only place where you could find decent candlemaking supplies and raw materials: votive molds and wick pins, Container wax blends, UV-inhibitor, universal additive, fragrance oils... In Europe (and pretty much everywhere else), we had to make do with the basic paraffin wax, a couple additives and a small selection of molds.

As I write this update on the eve of Christmas 2020, it is clear that everything has changed a lot.

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