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adding food grade microcrystaline wax to beeswax to prevent bloom
I am using beeswax to cast images from molds but have experienced terrible bloom problems. I want to use non-toxic wax in my molds so I bought some food grade microcrystaline wax to add to the beeswax. I made a 75% beeswax/25% microcrystaline wax mix and cast some simple molds. So far I haven't had a bloom problem. The issue is the wax mixture doesn't contract when cooled the way pure beeswax does which makes it much more difficult to unmold the design. I have some very detailed molds that can only be unmolded in one piece if the wax contracts.

Does anyone added a different wax to beeswax to prevent bloom? If so, do you know if I can go as low as 10% microcrstaline wax to prevent bloom? I'm running out of beeswax to experiment with and my husband will file divorce papers if I order another shipment .

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