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Wick holder clips

They may look quite basic, but wick holder clips are small accessories that will spare you from many frustrating moments when you're ready to wick your mold.

Made of a simple metal rod folded in two, they are a great help to keep the wick straight and centered in the mold when your pour the hot wax and while it cools off and hardens.
Using them is as easy as 1, 2, 3: just slide the wick between the two arms of the wick holder clip, straighten the wick by gently pulling on it and center holder and wick. Depending on the type of mold you're using, the opposite side of the wick will be held in place by a knot, by a screw as is often the case with metal molds, or with a generous amount of mold sealer.

The following picture shows how a wick holder clip is used:

Where to buy wick holder clips?
Almost exclusively in stores that specialise in candle making supplies: check the supplies finder or, easy and cheap, make them yourself (see the article "How to make a universal wick holder?")

Nowadays, another type of wick holder is also very popular: the bow tie wick holder (pictured on the right side of the page). Ideal for containers, its shape makes it self-centering and the raindropshaped holes grip the wick straight and in place. Most models allow for single and double wicking.

about $5 for 6 wick holder clips

Wick holder clips are simple tools that make wicking a mold or a container much easier
Bow tie wick holders are particularly helpful when wicking containers

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