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Mould release (Release spray)

Sometimes, a candle will just refuse to leave the mould where it's been casted. And when it happens, very soon it gets on your nerves and you'll feel like throwing it all through the window...
This tends to happen especially with candles made totally or partially of beeswax, because beeswax is sticky and won't shrink as it cools like paraffin wax does. So to avoid this problem, there are some precautions that must be taken.

Before you start pouring the wax into the mould, spray a thin layer of mould release (also known as release spray) inside the mould. The finished candle should then pop out without problems.

Mould release can be bought at craft stores or candlemaking supplies stores.

Only use mould release in metal moulds. It is not compatible with polycarbonate and rubber moulds unless the product specifically mentions the opposite. In polycarbonate and rubber moulds, you can use an atomizer filled with vegetable oil.

If you can't easily find "real" mould release, just check the aisles of your local DIY store and purchase a silicone oil spray (but don't use it on polycarbonate or rubber moulds). Silicone oil will work as well as genuine mould release and will be lighter on your wallet too.

As mentionned before, an atomizer filled with vegetable oil will work just fine as well.

Where to find mould release?
You'll find the "real thing" in craft stores and candlemaking supplies stores. Silicone oil can be found in all good DIY stores in the lubricants aisle. Vegetable oil can be purchased from any general store.

Alternatively, use our supplies finder for a source in your neighborhood.

Mould release will help your casted candles pop out of their mould
Mould release will help your casted candles pop out of their mould
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