Candle gel, paraffin and soy wax: Candlemaking made easy for everyone
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Waxed paper
(aka Freezer paper)

Mainly used in cooking, waxed paper is also commonly called "freezer paper" because it's often used to wrap meat before storing it in the freezer.

Waxed paper is a semitransparent paper with a thin coating of wax on one or both sides. Its main advantage (where candlemaking is concerned) is that virtually nothing will stick to it. Paraffin won't either, and this characteristic will undoubtedly make it a friend of yours.

So we'll use it almost everywhere: to protect the countertop where pouring will take place, to cover a container that would otherwise not react well in contact with paraffin and in many other cases.

In other words: stock up on waxed paper because it's about to become your best ally!

Average price: approximately ?€ for a ? meters roll

Waxed paper will drastically reduce the consequences of wax spills
Waxed paper will drastically reduce the consequences of wax spills
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