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Mold sealer

Picture this: you thread the wick through the wick hole of your mold; you center and straighten it and pour the liquid paraffin in the mold. And when you come back two minutes later, there's a large puddle pool of paraffin on your work area!
Grrr! To avoid this kind of scenario, there's nothing better than a little mold sealer to cover the place where the wick comes out of the mold. No more leaks.

Mold sealer (also called mold putty) is a putty-like substance similar to modeling clay, sticky and, above all, waterproof. It will help you prevent paraffin leaks during the pouring and cooling process.

Mold sealer is usually sold in leafs of 100 or 200 grams. More than enough because mold sealer is reusable multiple times (unless it becomes really really dirty) and a little will last you a long time.

Never hesitate to use it abundantly because this simple putty can help prevent unpleasant surprises.

Whenever you use a two-pieces plastic mold, to create a "ball" candle for instance, it is highly recommended to cover the whole seam (where the two pieces of the mold cometogether) with a generous amount of mold sealer.

Another interesting property of mold sealer is preventing water from entering the mold and messing the wax when you need to dip the mold and its contents in a water bath.

Average price: approximately 75 grams for 3 EUR

If you have a hard time finding "real" mold sealer or you consider it's too expensive, just know you'll get very good results with plumber putty. You'll likely to find plumber putty at your local DIY store. But check the packaging before you buy: some sorts of putty are more specially formulated for metallic pipes while other are made to be used on PVC pipes. Choose a putty that matches the kind of molds you own.
Mold sealer will save you from very unpleasant paraffin spills
Mold sealer will save you from very unpleasant paraffin spills
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