Candle gel, paraffin and soy wax: Candlemaking made easy for everyone
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What you MUST have!

Aside from the melting equipment and the basic ingredients, like paraffin and a few additives, molds and wicks, you will need some essential supplies before you can actually start creating beautiful and original candles.

Some of them are necessary for your safety (a good thermometer, for instance), others to prevent you from making the same mistake over and over again (like a notebook).
And without a few other items, you'll simply won't be able to work - think about mold sealer or a range of containers.
A good thermometer must support a wide range of temperatures
A good thermometer must support a wide range of temperatures
Mold sealer
Mold sealer
Your friend: the notebook
Your friend: the notebook
A good range of containers
A good range of containers
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