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Electric slow cooker

Very popular in the United States, the slow cooker, better known under its registered name, the Presto pot (Presto® is a registered mark; visit, is used by lots of candlemakers on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

What makes it so attractive is
  • its relatively low price (approx. 40$ at the mall, cheaper on eBay),
  • its precise temperature control,
  • an interesting capacity (seven to eight pounds of wax).

  • In the United States, the Presto Pot® can be easily found almost everywhere. But if you live in Europe or, anyway, outside the US, finding a Presto Pot® or an equivalent won't prove easy!

    The closest I've found (bottom picture) is a slow cooker sold by a UK Internet shop. It could do the trick IF ONLY it had a better temperature control.
    You could possibly use it to melt a bunch of paraffin but you would have, once melted, to transfer it to a double-boiler for a more precise control of wax temperature.

    If you think you've found the solution by ordering a Presto Pot® from an US webshop, think again:
  • all US e-commerce sites I have visited that carry the Presto Pot® won't ship outside the United States,
  • even if you find a site that will ship to Europe, you'll more than likely pay astronomical shipping costs (at least 25 euros),
  • european customs will charge you import taxes and VAT will probably apply (here again, at least 25 euros),
  • US and european electricity networks and appliances are totally different. You'll have to invest huge amounts of money to let a US Presto Pot® function in Europe.

  • To make a long story short, if you're not a US resident, you'd better choose the good ol' double boiler with a choice of inserts or go for a dedicated wax melter.

    this picture ©
    If you're a little handy, you can turn a classic Presto Pot® into a real wax melter
    picture and article ©
    BUT if you're in the US, just go Presto!

    You can use your Presto Pot® to melt up to 8 pounds of wax in one batch and, if you're a little handy (or have a handy husband), you can modify a classic Presto Pot® and turn it into a full-featured wax melter, complete with spigot to dispense the molten wax (much easier than using a ladle!)

    Candletech has a very interesting article, fully illustrated, that explains how to modify a Presto Pot to this purpose. Click here to view the article.

    Don't even think of using a deep fryer, even if the temperature control seems precise enough. Deep fryers work at too high a temperature (even the lowest) and are absolutely incompatible with paraffin.

    Forget also the traditionnal or microwave oven, unless you'd really like to see a fire truck from a very close range.

    The Presto Pot®, available in the US only
    The Presto Pot®, available in the US only
    The temperature control of this european slow cooker is not precise enough to be safe
    The temperature control of this european slow cooker is not precise enough to be safe
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