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Tealight Candles - Wax Formulas

As I said in the introduction, the wax formulas used to make tealight candles are among the simplest of all formulas.
The most basic formula is of course plain paraffin but I personnally don't like the shiny, dirty white aspect of it. It's much better to use simple (but efficient) additives.
Here are a few wax formules that work well with tealight candles. Remember: these are just basic formulas, don't hesitate to experiment with your very own variations!

Formula #1
  • 100%      plain paraffin 131°F MP.

    the most basic formula; can be coloured and scented but in this last case, you'd better use the formula #2 or #3.

  • Formula #2
  • 1     pound (420g) of 131°F MP paraffin,
  • 1    teaspoon Vybar™.

    variation on formula #1, to be used if you want to scent your tealight candles. Adding Vybar helps bind the scented oil to the paraffin.

  • Formula #3
  • 90%     131°F MP paraffin,
  • 10%     stearine (stearic acid).

    for coloured tealight candles. Stearic acid will make paraffin less shiny and nicer to look at.

  • Formula #4
  • 100%     beeswax.

    besswax gives your tealight candles a very natural shade and scent that is appreciated by many people.

  • Formula #5
  • 50 to 60%     131°F MP paraffin,
  • 40 to 50%     de beeswax.

    Adding beeswax to paraffin combines the best of both waxes: the scent and the smooth color of beeswax and the lower price of paraffin wax.

  • Tip
    Technically speaking, tealight candles are nothing more than very small container candles so you can also use any container wax formula for your tealights.
    It works fine and will avoid a second pour to fill the sink hole that might appear during the cooling process (tealights are so small that you probably won't have to deal with sink holes).

    Why not use candle gel to make your next batch of tealight candles? Gel makes great tealight when it's coloured and poured in translucent, polycarbonate tealight cups!
    Tealight wax formulas are among the simplest you can think of
    Tealight wax formulas are among the simplest you can think of
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