Candle gel, paraffin and soy wax: Candlemaking made easy for everyone
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Votive Candles - Wax Formulas and votive wax blends

Wax formulas for votive candles are very easy to make.
But don't forget that you will probably have to adjust the formulas I'm about to give you. Why and when? For instance if the base paraffin you use radically differs from the one I use (oil content, melting point...); or if the climate of your country is very different from mine (Belgium); or if you want to use other ingredients; etc, etc.
As usual, you'll have to experiment a lot before you find YOUR favourite formula! That's part of the fun ;-)

Formula #1
  • 1     pound (450 grams) paraffin 131°F MP,
  • 1     teaspoon Vybar™260,
  • 1/2  teaspoon stearic acid.

    basic formula, can be coloured and scented. In this case, just add 1 oz (28 grams) of Fragrance Oil

  • Formula #2
  • 1    pound (450 grams) paraffin 140°F MP,
  • 1    teaspoon Vybar™130,
  • 1    teaspoon stearic acid.

    formula with a higher MP. Can be interesting in hot climates. Scented: same proportions as in formula #1.

  • Play time

    You may also add a small percentage (2% are enough) of Micro Hard to 'harden' your votive candles and give them a longer burn time.
    Do not hesitate to modify the ingredients I gave you (always in very small proportions and one ingredient at a time, otherwise you won't be able to say which one caused that very good or very bad result) and test, test and test again: it's the best (and only) way to wome up with your perfect formula!

    Votive wax blends

    If you live on that side of the Atlantic ocean, you're lucky enough to have access to a very large range of commercial wax blends that are specially formulated to easily make perfect votive candles.

    Here comes a (not exhaustive) list of such wax blends:

  • IGI 1284A ~ Straight paraffin, no additives included (139°F MP)
  • IGI 4614A ~ Additives included, high melt point (160°F MP)
  • IGI 4761A ~ Additives included, high melt point (159°F MP)
  • IGI 4794A ~ Additives included 128°F MP
  • IGI 1274A ~ Mottling wax, additives included (139°F MP)
  • IGI 1302B ~ Mottling wax, additives included (140°F MP)

  • EcoSoya PB ~ Soy wax, no additives required (130°F MP)
  • Les formules pour votives sont parmi les plus simples que vous utiliserez
    Les formules pour votives sont parmi les plus simples que vous utiliserez
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