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Special effects waxes

Candle lovers are always on the lookout for unique and original candles.
To answer to this request, candle wax manufacturers developped new formulas to give candles different very particular appearances.
Among those, it is common nowadays to find astonishing candles with a snowflake, marbled, rocky or crackled appearance...
Welcome in the fun world of special effects waxes.

Marbled look

Although you can create candles that present a marbled look without using a special blend of wax (see the Projects section), you can find ready to use wax formulas that imitate the noble aspect of marble.
Instructions of use vary widely depending on the manufacturer so follow his instructions to achieve the best effects if you decide to use this kind of blend.
Rocky look

The formulation is almost the same as that of the "marble" blend but the crystals are samller and imitate Quartz or granite.
Hard to find outside of the United States but fun to play with!

Snowflake (or mottled) look

There are multiple ways to obtain candles with a mottled appearance (and the odds are high that you'll sometimes achieve it without really wanting to).
Most of the time, it suffices to "saturate" the paraffin with oil (mineral oil, for example) and to let the candle cool off as slowly as possible (air cooling is preferred to water cooling but you can pack up the freshly poured candle and her mold in a few towels).
You can find wax blends specially formulated to easily achieve mottling.
Other formulas are conceived to only overdip candles made with a "classical" wax blend.

Special effects waxes let you achieve astonishing results, like the "marbled" look

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