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Pots and pitchers

Whether you use the double boiler method to melt paraffin or are the happy owner of a slow cooker, you will need a fair amount of various pots and pitchers (mainly melting and pouring pots) in which you'll heat wax and mix dye and scents.

A good starting point is one or two very large melting pots (to melt paraffin for a Hurricane candle, for instance), several medium sized pitchers (I regularly use 4 of them, large enough to make 2 or 3 pillar candles [above picture]) and also several small ones (8 to 10 is fine, very useful when making layered candles because, if your double boiler base is large enough, you can easily place 3 or 4 small pots inside and have paraffin of different colors available at the same time [bottom picture]).

Let me briefly explain how I work, this will give you an idea of how I use the different pitchers.

After a long quest, I finally found a slow cooker with precise temperature control adapted to the belgian electricity networks. So I use the slow cooker to melt large quantities of paraffin and I transfer the amount I need in a large melting pot that ends up in my double boiler for the final temperature check and the addition of any additive I need to add.

Small melting pots are the ideal solution when you work on a multicolored layered candle Ideally, all your pots and pitchers should be made of stainless steel because they're less likely to rust (remember your pots will spend a lot of time in water) or react with one or another additive. Another advantage is that they're quite easy to clean and can be prewarmed (in the oven or with a heat gun).

To get rid of wax residues indide your melting pots, place them in your double boiler until the contents are entirely liquefied then pour the leftover wax in a plastic cup. Wipe off the inside with paper towels and, if necessary, melt the residues with your heat gun and wipe them off while they're liquid.

Ikea, your official pots supplier Without doubt, where pots and pitchers are concerned, Ikea is your ideal supplier.
All my metallic pots come from there: an excellent quality, many sizes available, a shape that's perfectly adapted to what I use them for and, let's not forget, very sharp prices.
You will need lots of pots and pitchers, ideally metallic ones
You will need lots of pots and pitchers, ideally metallic ones

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