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Taper candles - Wax formulas

You probably have no intention of using animal tallow to make your dipped taper candles, like our ancestors used to...
That's good because the formulas I'm about to list only use classic and easy to find ingredients, like paraffin wax, beeswax and selected additives.

Formula #1
  • 70 to 95%     paraffin wax,
  • 5 à 30%     stearic acid.

    for example, 90% paraffin wax and 10% stearic acid, which is a good starting point.
    Base formula, can be coloured.

  • Formula #2
  • paraffin wax,
  • beeswax.

    The two components can be mixed in any proportion you like.
    Church tapers are made of nearly equal proportions of beeswax and paraffin wax, with just a little more beeswax than paraffin.
  • Formula #3
  • 65%     paraffin wax,
  • 25%     beeswax,
  • 10%     stearic acid.

    This formula combines the low price of paraffin with the pleasant scent of beeswax and the hardening properties of stearic acid.

  • Finishing

    If you want to make coloured dipped candles, you have two solutions:
  • colour the whole batch of wax you will use for dipping;
  • use uncolored wax to dip your tapers and, when fully shaped, overdip them a few times in a small amount of brightly coloured paraffin.
  • My preference goes to the second solution because you won't end up with kilos of paraffin coloured in a shade that you may never use again...

    If you don't want your taper candles to drip, you have the option of overdipping them one last time in hard microcrystalline wax. This will coat your candles with a thin layer of a higher melt point wax. This should prevent your tapers from dripping.

    Wax formulas for taper candles are many but they're all quite simple
    Wax formulas for taper candles are many but they're all quite simple

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