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lorraine  in the topic beeswax tapers dipping frame

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How to make your own latex candle molds?

The major asset of latex molds is their ability to produce candles in a huge variety of shapes and a great precision in the details. This is something a metal or polycarbonate mold just can't offer.

And what makes them really attractive is that they're easy to make yourself with very limited supplies, available in almost any Do-It-Yourself superstore!

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How to make an ice candle? How to make a pillar/container candle?
How to reuse pieces of old candles to make new ones? How to make a universal wick holder?

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The Ultimate Guide to Soy Candlemaking From Hobby Enthusiasts to Business Professionals, by Jameel D. Nolan

This is the first book ever written teaching step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful soy candles right in your kitchen and turn your hobby into a profitable home-based business. Secrets passed on from a professional candle artisan with over 11 years experience in the candlemaking industry.

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